About The Artigarvan Community Centre
The aim of the community centre is to provide a fully inclusive centre for all of the community in Artigarvan and the surrounding areas, which will provide a welcoming, shared space where the community can avail of sporting facilities, meeting facilities and hold community events and projects. The Group have stated that their overall aim is to "provide a hub for all of the village to help to bring a heart back into the village".

Leckpatrick Development Association have identified the following specific project objectives:

- To promote the regeneration of the village of Artigarvan and the surrounding areas.
- To provide a safe secure central hub for all of the community of Artigarvan and surrounding areas.

The association would like to thank the project team of both ARC Norhtwerst and DARD who have work extremly hard in ensuring the project became a reality.

Artigarvan community Hall
In 2013 the Leckpatrick Development Association was awarded 876,000 from ARC northwest under the Capital build programme (DARD) in support of the rebuild and regeneration of the old hall. The community was also resposible the raising of a further 45.000 this has been achieved hrough a number of fund raising events within the community .

In addition a further 88,000 was raised through the donation of ground and works carried out in the project by members of the community.
In total the total capital allocated to the project was in excess of 1,000,000.

Association's mission mission is:
"..to work as an inclusive group to develop the resources, facilities and opportunities for all members of the our community to enjoy.

The hall will now open in September and offers the following facilities:

Large sports Hall
Fully fitted kitchen
Training room

Gym - Due to open in October if funding application is successful